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Selling your home is possible during any time of the year.  But you're most likely asking this question because you want to understand when selling your home may be easier, faster, and most profitable.  Generally, selling your home during the spring and summer is the time of the year that will help you the most with all three.  Rolling into the fall and winter, home sales historically slow down.  
Referencing a study from ATTOM data, selling your home in May, June, and July are the ideal months of the year to maximize your profitability.  Selling your home in June will increase your home sale value by %9.2, and homes sold in May increase your home sale value by %7.4, on average. 
In addition to the season and month that your home is sold, there is actually data that shows what day in particular to list your home.  Referencing a study by Redfin, listing your home on Thursday will help you sell your home for more money and at a faster pace than any other day of the week.  
Everyone's circumstances are different and meeting these optimal time frames may not be possible for you.  The good news is that APRE will guide you to more profitability, and on a timeline that works for you, so that no matter your circumstance you can achieve the best possible outcome.