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Let's cut to the chase...the difference between APRE and other real estate brokerages is that APRE charges a flat fee for marketing and selling your home, rather than the traditional 3% of the sale price.  Whether you're looking for a cost effective way to sell your home or a reasonable alternative to the time consuming "For Sale By Owner" method, APRE offers all the services of a full service real estate brokerage.


As a full service real estate brokerage, if you SELL your home with APRE you can expect:

Professional Photographs

We will schedule a photo session with a professional real estate photographer, boasting all of your home's most desirable features.


We will utilize our expertise in real estate transactions to assist and guide you though the negotiation process.

Home Valuation & Listing

While your home is priceless to you, the market does give it a number. We will do a thorough walk-through of your home and use our experience in home construction and knowledge of market trends to assess your home's assets and possible weaknesses.  We will provide you with a comparative market analysis, detailing comps and possible list prices. Together, we will give it a market value.

Marketing & Open-houses

We will market your home on several social media platforms, with a focus on the most applicable geographical regions in order to get your home the most exposure. We will also strategically schedule, host, and promote open houses for your home. 

Paperless Transactions

You're busy, we get that. We will facilitate the execution of all documents using paperless conveniences, so you can review and execute on your time, not ours.  

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A lot more than price goes into buying a home, and the wrong house at the right price is still the wrong house. Let us help you make the process as stress free and seamless as possible. Whether you want "forever" or "for now," we can help you find and purchase the home that fits your needs.

As a full service real estate brokerage, if you BUY your home with APRE you can expect:


We will arrange showings around your schedule, and provide you with detailed information for each listing. We work on your time, and if that means  you can only see houses at 7 am or you need to bring the kids, we will make it work.


We will assist you in developing an offer for the home that is right for you and will get you the win, utilizing "paperless" conveniences, streamlining the negotiation process, and making efficient use of your time.  


Did you know you actually buy a home three times? Buying a home is not easy, but it is manageable. Our agents will walk you through the many steps in purchasing a home, so the process is organized, seamless, and efficient.  If you have questions, we have answers.


Your home should and will be as unique as you. Whether you want one story or three, a concrete pad or a luscious lawn, we will assist you in developing detailed criteria for what you are searching for in your future home. And we will develop that criteria as we take you on showings and learn more about your preferences.


We know: if you can use the internet, you can find a listing on your own. However, with access to MLS, we can spot homes that fit your needs before they hit the public marketplace. Not to mention, it's our job to scour the listings for you (in case you don't have time during that business meeting to check your Trulia update). We will update you as often as you prefer with newly listed houses, as well as with price changes for houses that fit your specific needs.  


We get it, you're busy.  Moving from one home to another, selling a home you've name it.  Getting a home cleared, cleaned, and ready to show is the last thing on your priority list.  Which is exactly why APRE offers this service.  A logical progression to the home listing process, let APRE handle the removal of "stuff" from your home, and the deep cleaning of your home from top to bottom.  Allowing APRE to coordinate this process will streamline the home's timeline to listing, and allow you to focus on more important things.  All homes are different, so if you are interested in this service, APRE will provide you a quote unique to your situation.  

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